The Nina Simone Database
Barra Barra Barra


This is my new site dedicated to Nina Simone. My old site has been online for over 15 years (1995-2010), now is time for it to retiring and being replaced by this new site. The old site was done completely by hand, page by page, song by song, album by album. Now this new site is fully automatic, based on mySQL, PHP and Javascript.

I also changed the title that is now "The Nina Simone Database" because this site is really a huge interactive database of all information about Nina Simone. Nina's production is very high, hundreds of records, including some bootlegs, have been published and she performed in hundreds of concerts. This database contains detailed info about over 230 albums, over 340 songs and YouTube movies, over 60 live and studio recording sessions, and all information is completely interlinked and interactive.

You can call for a list of all songs, all albums, all recording sessions, but you cal also search for all songs whose lyrics contain, for example, the phrase "give me", or all single ordered by publication year, or which author wrote which songs. If you search an album you can see all the album's songs and have information for each song, including lyrics and recording session.

However this is still a beta version and not all features are already active. Please notify any errors , malfunctions or lacuna. Also, I'm Italian and I do not know English well. Again any help is welcome. Thank you.


Mauro Boscarol

Last, but not least, I have created a PayPal account to which you can donate using a credit card, or your PayPal account.

The information on this site is and will continue to be free. Any money donated will be used exclusively to pay for commercial hosting account expenses thereby directly supporting this web site. Thank you.