Nina Knocks Out With 'Pastel Blues'

Ann Moses
Rhythm 'n' News, 2 October 1965

"YOU GOT to get to them" is the way Nina Simone feels about entertaining an audience. And get to them she does! Her appearance at Doug Weston's TROUBADOUR has brought full-house crowds for every show to hear one of the most talented blues singers in the business.

The stage presentation of Miss Simone at the piano builds slowly, keeps building and works to a crescendo with both Nina and "her" audience on the edge of their scats. The intimacy of the Troubadour adds to the masterful notes sung by the accomplished artist.

Skillfully backing Nina's 'pastel blues' are Bobby Hamilton on drums, Rudy Stevenson on guitar and flute and Lisle Atkinson playing bass. The talented Miss Simone brings on encore applauds for each and every number. Requests from her captivated audience never stops.

Regular visitors at the club are Bill Cosby and Godfrey Cambridge. Miss Simone continues at the TROUBADOUR thru October 24.