Nina at the Pier in Seattle

The Nina Simone Database visitor

I was privileged to attend this performance!
Despite her frailties, Nina put on a great show. She was escorted onto the stage by one of her personal assistants and was greeted by a standing ovation before she even started playing.

The first three songs she performed were gospel numbers, and two out of three of them earned her standing ovations. She took a brief break while her drummers soloed for the audience, and when she came back onto the stage, she was again greeted with a standing ovation. We were treated to See Line Woman, I Loves You Porgy, Ne Me Quitte Pas, Pirate Jenny (The Black Freighter), Mississippi Goddamn, and My Baby Just Cares for Me. She would have continued to perform, but was prevented from doing so because of an 11:00 curfew. She said "You all go home now. Buy my records and come see me again."

Her wonderful sense of humor has not been lost, nor has her commanding presence. She is still enchanting and captivating, charming, naughty, and completely in control of the music. Several times she told Al not to play so loudly, and once or twice she said she couldn't hear Leo. Her piano playing was terrific, and most of the time her voice was as powerful as it ever was, though mellowed a little with time and age.

The audience was really great, too. She got standing ovations for nearly every song, and the one or two she didn't receive them for were the ones she went straight into from the preceding songs. After each ovation, when she got ready to start a new song, the audience took their seats again.

The audience was the warmest, most compassionate, respectful audience I have ever been a part of, and that was great because we made Nina smile with our appreciation. Nina also asked the audience to participate in the songs we knew, letting us sing along on the choruses to See Line Woman and My Baby Just Cares for Me, and letting us chant "too slow" during Mississippi Goddamn. She also received several bouquets of flowers during the performance.

I haven't seen a review in the Seattle Times yet, but I'm sure no review will be able to do justice to the feeling that I had, as did everyone sitting near me, of being honored to hear this legendary woman perform. I'm not a religious person, but I thanked God for blessing me with the opportunity to see Nina Simone perform a live concert.