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Additional discography
 Colpix period
The Sullivan Years
(US 1995) TVT Records 9450-2

Collective compilation with 2 tracks by Nina recorded at Ed Sullivan Show in 1960

The Best of, The Colpix Years
(US 1993) Roulette CDP 7985842

With 3 previously unreleased tracks

Anthology, The Colpix Years
(US 1996) Rhino R2 72567
Anthology:The Colpix Years - Nina Simone

With 3 tracks previously released only as singles 

Sophisticated Ladies
(US 1999) EMI 7243 5 22714 2 9
Anthology:The Colpix Years - Nina Simone

Collective compilation with "Try a Little Tenderness" previously unreleased

Eclectic Collection
(US 2003) Collectables COL0234

All 10 Colpix LPs in a box of 6 CDs
 Philips period

The Best of
(US 1969) Philips
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood - Nina Simone

After Hours
(US 1995) Verve 526 702-2
After Hours - Nina Simone

With a take of "Little Girl Blue" previously unissued (unedited version).

Four Women: The Nina Simone Philips Recordings
(US 2003) Verve 440 065 021 -2
Four Women: The Complete Nina Simone on Philips Recordings - Nina Simone

All 7 Philips LPs in a box of 4 CDs with booklet.

 RCA period
Così ti amo
(IT 1970) RCA LSP 34033

Includes "Così ti amo", Italian version of "To Love Somebody" 

The Best of
(US 1971) RCA LSP 4373
The Best of Nina Simone - Nina Simone

Songs of the Poets
(US 1976) RCA Victor APL1-1788-A<


Pure Gold
(US 1978) RCA 

With a short version of "My Sweet Lord / Today is a Killer"

The Essential
(US 1993) RCA 66307-2
The Essential Nina Simone (Remastered) - Nina Simone

The Essential, vol. 2
(US 1993) RCA 07863-66307-2
Essential Nina Simone, Vol. 2 (Remastered) - Nina Simone

Saga of the Good Life and Hard Times
(US 1997) RCA 07863 66997-2
Saga of the Good Life and Hard Times - Nina Simone

With 10 tracks never released before

Sugar In My Bowl, Best of 1967-72
(US 1998) RCA
The Very Best of Nina Simone 1967-1972 - Sugar In My Bowl - Nina Simone

With 5 tracks never released before

(US 2003) RCA 

With "The Glory of Love" previously unreleased

Original Album Classics
(DE 2009) Sony 886975 69232

Five LPs in five CDs in a box set

The Complete RCA Albums Collection
(US 2011) Sony 886979 38602

Nine LPs + 34 bonus tracks (RCA singles) in a box set

 Stroud and others
Gifted & Black
(US 1970) Canyon 7705

Stroud Production. Perhaps earlier existing recording, made in Philadelphia (1955?)


Nina Simone
(US 1971) Springboard/Upfront UPF-145

First 6 tracks are from a 1961 recording session never published before (see DVD Live).

Live in Europe
(US 1972) Springboard/Trip TLP-8020, two LPs 

Nina's performance at 2nd Montreux Jazz Festival, 1968

Sings Billie Holliday
(US 1972) Stroud SLP 1005

Gospel According To
(US 1973) Stroud SLP 1006

Live at Berkeley
(US 1973) Stroud SLP 1007


A Portrait Of
(US 1973) Trip TLX-9521, 2 LPs


In Concert Live in Las Vegas
(IT 1976) Oxford 3600

Bootleg recorded live in Rome, Italy, 1969


Town Hall Revisited
(US 1977) Springboard/Trip 5057

Stroud Production

(US 1977) Versatile NED 1120 

Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
(US 1977) Honeydew HD 6601

Stroud Production

A Very Rare Evening
(US 1979) PM PMR-018 

Recorded in Germany for a 1969 TV show 

I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl
(US 1980) Manhattan MAN 5007 

Cry Before I Go
(US 1980) Manhattan MAN 5039 


 European period
The Rising Sun Collection
(CA 1994) ENJA RSC 0004

Concert in Montreal on 18 July 1980

Live at Ronnie Scott's
(UK) Hendring-Wadham WHCD 006

Recorded 1984

Live at Ronnie Scott's
(UK 1999) Meteor

Recorded 1984 and 1985

Madame Nina Simone
(NL) RRC 019

24th Montreux Jazz Festival, 1990 (bootleg)

Additional albums are
  • albums published by the original label (or affiliate) after the period of association, without unreleased tracks (original compilations and reissues),
  • albums published by other labels with tracks never published before and recorded in the period (mostly concerts).