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Stroud SLP 1006 (1973 US)

Second album released by Stroud Records.

Gospel disk jockeys around the country prodded Nina Simone into making her first gospel album "Gospel According to Nina Simone" for Stroud Records.
-Billboard 30 June 1973.

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 1 [3:05] Anytime, Anywhere   Andy Stroud

 2 [2:20] Sunday in Savannah   Hugh Mac Kay

 3 [3:00] You Can't Hide   Andy Stroud

 4 [4:05] Nobody's Fault But Mine   Blind Willie Johnson

 5 [3:25] To Be Young, Gifted and Black   Weldon Irvine jr, Nina Simone

 6 [4:50] Brown Baby   Oscar Brown jr

 7 [12:30] Sinnerman   Traditional