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Emergency Ward!
Original discography

RCA Victor LSP 4757 (1972 US)

See review by Roger St. Pierre, New Musical Express, 20 January 1973

Rolling Stone journalist Stephen Holden called Emergeny Ward! album "the most direct, powerful, desperate musical outcry against the war and the system supporting it that I've ever heard."
He continued: "This is the voice of experience itself, the voice of conscience lamenting the insane dark side of our collective will. Today, more than ever, Nina Simone's art comes directly from the cutting edge of reality, where love and rage and despair are inseparable, and there is no other choice but action. Undoubtedly her greatest record, Emergency Ward! is devastating personal testimony of what it's like to live on that cutting edge with no illusions of escape."
-Roger Nupie, International Dr. Nina Simone Fan Club Newsletter, November 2001

Remember polyrhythms on this album were done by Dr. Simone's daughter, Lisa Stroud, 9 years old at the time of the recording. Some of the releases of the LP Emergency Ward (in some countries) included the lyrics. The Spanish release (same sleeve, but liner notes on the back in Spanish) of this "Sala de Urgencia: Nina Simone En Concierto" included the lyrics as well, but some of the (nevertheless printed) lines of "My Sweet Lord / Today is a Killer" were crossed out, a.o. the final lines: "Today, today, who are you Lord? You are a killer!"
The Spanish RCA department must have considered some of the lines to be examples of blasphemy.
-Roger Nupie, International Dr. Nina Simone Fan Club Newsletter, September 2002

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 1 [18:29] My Sweet Lord / Today Is a Killer   George Harrison, Nina Simone, David Nelson (medley)

 2 [4:06] Poppies   Lennie Bleecher, Jeremy Wind

 3 [11:02] Isn't It a Pity   George Harrison