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RCA Victor LPM/LSP 3837 (1967 US)

Second album with RCA.

Simone's power as a jazz songstress appears infinite. She has produced one of the finest things on wax to date as she belts out 10 numbers in her blusey-jazz manner. Included is the theme from the film Casino Royale, "The Look of Love," as well as "Go to Hell," "Turn Me On," "Cherish" and "Consummation".
-Billboard 16 September 1967

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 1 [2:59] It Be's That Way Sometime   Samuel Waymon

 2 [2:24] The Look of Love   Burt Bacharach, Hal David

 3 [2:50] Go to Hell   Morris Bailey jr

 4 [5:07] Love o' Love   Andy Stroud

 5 [3:23] Cherish   Terry Kirkman

 6 [3:09] I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free   Billy Taylor, Richard Lamb

 7 [2:26] Turn Me On   John D. Loudermilk

 8 [2:01] Turning Point   Martha Holmes

 9 [2:11] Some Say   Charles Reuben

 10 [4:09] Consummation   Nina Simone