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Verve 314 539 050-2 (1997 US)

Album review by Michael Colby
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 4 [3:25] Be My Husband   Andy Stroud

 8 [3:17] Blues on Purpose   Rudy Stevenson

 5 [3:40] Come Ye   Nina Simone

 13 [4:21] Don't Explain   Arthur Herzog jr, Billie Holiday

 10 [5:26] Don't Smoke in Bed   Willard Robison

 2 [4:26] Four Women   Nina Simone

 12 [2:30] I Loves You Porgy   George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin, DuBose Heyward

 7 [2:49] I'm Going Back Home   Rudy Stevenson

 15 [4:00] If I Should Lose You   Ralph Rainger, Leo Robin

 1 [2:53] Images   Waring Cuney, Nina Simone unaccompanied vocal

 14 [4:17] Lilac Wine   James Shelton

 11 [3:05] The Other Woman   Jessie Mae Robinson

 3 [2:38] See-Line Woman   George Bass

 6 [2:52] Take Me to the Water   Traditional

 16 [3:10] Tell Me More and More and Then Some   Billie Holiday

 9 [7:00] Wild Is the Wind   Dimitri Tiomkin, Ned Washington

Liner Notes by Dianne Reeves
The most important thing about Nina Simone is the way she explores music. For her, here are no musical boundaries. That's also how I try to look at music. She sings everything: folk songs, French songs, Broadway songs, and blues, and she arranges them in a way that allows her to give them a unique interpretation. I just love the kind of music that she chooses to sing, especially the ballads she does with just piano, bass, and drums.
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