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1962 November 25: New York CBS Camera Three
Not shy about trying out new material, Simone gave one of her first performances of "Eretz" for a national television audience on the CBS program Camera Three in the fall of 1962. Simone had just brought a new percussionist into her combo, Montego Joe, and she gave him star billing. He opened her interpretation of the song by beating out a crisp rhythm on the dumbeq, his specially made hourglass drum, as the camera homed on his fast-moving hands. Simone picked up the vocals, and her fellow musicians, heads bobbing, followed suit.
-Nadine Cohodas, Nina Simone and Israeli Folk Music
Nina Simone piano, vocal - Paul Palmieri guitar - Lisle Atkinson bass - Warren Smith percussion - Montego Joe congas
Strawberry Woman / Crab Man / I Loves You Porgy George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin, DuBose Heyward
2005 [5:38] DVD 7 Live Kultur D2981 (US)
2008 [5:38] DVD 7 I Loves You Porgy - Live 1961-62 JazzShots 2869087 (ES)
Eretz Zavat Chalav U'dvash Eliahu Gamliel
2005 [3:09] DVD 8 Live Kultur D2981 (US)
2008 [3:09] DVD 8 I Loves You Porgy - Live 1961-62 JazzShots 2869087 (ES)