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In Our Childhood's Bright Endeavor
1929 Elisabeth Hauptmann, Bertolt Brecht, Kurt Weill
This is a short song from the second act of musical comedie Happy End by Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weil, first opened in Berlin on 2 September 1929. Happy End follows the very successful Threepenny Opera. In Happy End, however, Brecht himself recognizes the weakness of the text and decide not to sign it, attributing it to his collaborator Elisabeth Hauptmann that appears under the pseudonym of Dorothy Lane. Brecht signed instead the song lyrics.

Original German lyrics:

In der Jugend gold'nem Schimmer
Segnet uns der Mutter Hand
Die entschwunden ist für immer
So wie auch die Jugend schwand!

Aber was die Glocken tönten
Schönes, goldenes Geläut
Ob wir strauchelten und höhnten
Glocken tönen auch noch heut'!

The musical premiered on Broadway at the Martin Beck Theatre on May 7, 1977, and closed on July 10, 1977, after 75 performances. Directed by Robert Kalfin and Patricia Birch and staged by Birch, the cast starred Christopher Lloyd, Grayson Hall and Meryl Streep.

English lyrics:

In our childhood's bright endeavor
We were warmed in mother's arms
Now that warmth is gone forever
Like our childhood's fading charms.

But the sound of church bells tolling
Through our pain and our dismay
So inspiring, so consoling
They are tolling still today.

Recording sessions
1977 July 19: Antibes (FR) 19th Jazz á Juan Festival