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Fast Food
Pete Townshend
From The Iron Man the musical by Pete Townshend (of the rock band The Who) released in 1989.

She was great. What was interesting was I'd done a demo vocal for her, on "Fast Food", which is the song she sings on this album. I felt like running in to her when she first sang it and saying, "Listen, you don't have to copy my demo vocal, you do it your way" until I suddenly realised that, of course, it was the contrary that was true. It was me that had been copying her for 25 years.
-Pete Townshend in Who Are You: The Life Of Pete Townshend (Omnibus Press)

Recording sessions
1989: London
Fast food Feed me fast
I've been waiting for an aeon And I just won't last
1989 [4:00] CD 9 The Iron Man Atlantic 81996-2