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Four Women
1965 Nina Simone
I am emphatically against the injustices of black people, of third world people. "Four Women" came to me after conversations I had with black women. It seemed we were all suffering from self-hatred. We hated our complexions, our hair, our bodies. I realized we had been brainwashed into feeling this way about ourselves by some black men and many white people. I tried to speak to this in the song. And do you know, some black radio stations wouldn't play it? It is true what they say: the truth hurts.
-Nina Simone I Got Thunder

In the soundtrack of Black Music in America: From Then Till Now (Robertson, 1971) and For Colored Girls (Perry, 2010).

Recording sessions
1965 September 30-October 1: New York
My skin is black my arms are long
My hair is whooly my back is strong
Strong enough to take the pain
1965 December 25: Loenersloot (NL) Mickery Theater
2008 [5:23] DVD 2 Live in '65 & '68 Reelin' in the Years 2.119014 (US)
1967 July 1: Newport (US-RI) 13th Jazz Festival
1969 April: Paris (FR) Olympia
1969 July: Antibes (FR) 10th Jazz Festival
1969 August 17: New York - Harlem Cultural Festival
2005 [4:34] DVD 6 The Soul of RCA/Legacy 82876 71973 2 (US)
1969 October: Berkeley (US-CA)
1977 December 4: London (UK) Theatre Royal Drury Lane
1985: USA Theatre tour
Four women

My skin is black my arms are long
1987: Hollywood (US-CA) Vine Street Bar and Grill
This is called "Four Women"

My skin is black
1990 July 13: Montreux (CH) 24th Jazz Festival
1992 May 13-16: Pointe-à-Pitre (GLP) Musiques créoles
Unknown recording session
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