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I Never Cry
1976 Alice Cooper, Dick Wagner
This is a rock/ballad song by Alice Cooper, originally released on his Alice Cooper Goes to Hell album in 1976. See Wikipedia.

The precise details of this recording are unknown, but it's a cover of the 1976 hit by Alice Cooper and appears to be a rehearsal for a studio version Simone cut in Montreux, Switzerland, in the spring of 1977. Simone's longtime guitar player, Al Schackman, recorded the final version for an album that was to be produced by George Barrie, the onetime chairman of Fabergé fragrance company and creator of Brut cologne. Neither the song nor the record ever appeared, but Schackman believes this is a rough cut of Simone developing her rendition.
-Joe Hagan

Unknown recording session
2009 [4:10] CD 1 Family/Friends/French Lesson Artwork Media (US)