The Nina Simone Database
Some of the interviews that were made to Nina:

Alba Solaro
Kataweb, 3 May 2002

[Italian] Rome (IT) 2002 pre-concert interview

Giuseppe Videtti
Reoubblica, 28 April 2002

[Italian] Odio l'America, odio la gente tranne quando sono sul palco

Brantley Bardin
Details, January 1997

Simone Says Legend-with-an-attitude

Alison Powell
Interview, January 1997

You Al Capone, I'm Nina Simone The American Soul of Nina Simone 


Arthur Taylor
Notes and Tones, Musician-to-Musician Interviews, features an interview with Nina Simone (12 pages). 
Da Capo Press, 1993

You can buy this book by Amazon.

Rob Lemkin
November 1984

Transcription of the interview in the DVD Live at Ronnie Scott's


Phyl Garland
The Sound of Soul has an interview with Nina (8 pages).
Henry Regner Company, 1969

The book is out of print, but you can try to find it with Amazon's help.
The New York Times, 31 December 1967, has an interview with Nina.